Our passion is photographing cars in preference to CGI.  It's as real as you can get....

All our cars are photographed in studio environments allowing us to manipulate backgrounds and enviroments to the clients specifications.  We use no CGI and everything is done 'in camera'.  Our 360 degree car photography offers the viewer the opportunity to see both the inside and the outside of the car.  We can supply colour changes from the original base colours and spec changes.

Our backplates facilitate realistic views allowing the cars to feel as if they in the actual environment.  In our portfolio some backplates have been supplied by clients and some provided by us.

While still photography gives a good idea of what a car is like it does not allow a person to experience a 'real' sense of being with the car.  360 Degree Car Photography gives you the ability to put somebody in your vehicle and even interact with it.  The future of VR is here to stay and 2018 we will see more and more car manufactures using 360 car photography as a means of showing online users their latest models.