360 CARS was born out of a demand for Real Photography rather than CGI.  Dom Mowbray and Ed Lee have combined their proven skills and experience in automotive and 360 degree product photography to produce some of the best 'actual' car images on the market.  Preferred by many clients and art directors - the difference between seeing the real product in situation in comparison to a CGI image is extensive.

We like to photograph the cars in a studio which in turn allows us the flexibly to adapt the environments and settings to the clients criteria.

We embed the images of the rotating car into the background.  The backgrounds and environments can either be supplied by us (we have a huge catalogue) or to the clients specification.  We can also make the colour changes and specification changes as required.

The imagery supplied by 360 CARS is ready for the client to integrate immediately into their websites.

Dom Mowbray is a specialist in 360 product photography.  Working in this market for some 15 years, Dom was the first UK professional photographer to provide 360 product imagery when the term '360 product photography' was almost unheard of.  Using his 20 years of Still Life advertising background he has produced work for some of the worlds top brands.  Some of his clients include Anya Hindmarch, British Airways, Burberry, Cadbury, Canon, Chanel, DeBeers, Dualit, Duracell, Gucci, Hermes, ITV, HSBC, Lexus, O2, Purina, QVC, Samsung, Slendertone, Stella McCartney.

Ed Lee is a highly experienced automotive photographer having worked for major brands for most of his career.  Some of his clients include Honda, Jaguar Land Rover, Vauxhall, Citroen, Saab, Harley Davidson, Suzuki and more.  Ed is skilled in studio and location work with a large range of shooting and post production techniques.